What should we know about good pizza?

A good pizza can be very different depending on the preferences of the people eating it. However, here are some common characteristics of a good pizza:

1. Juiciness and flavors: A good pizza should be juicy and taste great. It should have enough sauce and the right amount of cheese to be soft and delicious.

2. The dough: The dough should be well baked and have a crispy crust. However, the dough should not be hard or dry, but should have a soft and airy texture.

3. Combination of flavors: A good pizza should have a harmonious combination of flavors. This means that the ingredients should complement each other and not dominate each other. For example, well-combined ingredients can include fresh vegetables, meat, seafood, etc.

4. Quality ingredients: Good pizza should be made with quality ingredients, such as fresh vegetables, meat, cheese and tomatoes.

5. Baking: A good pizza must be baked at the right temperature and time to get a crispy crust and preserve the flavors of the ingredients.

6. Individuality: After all, a good pizza is one that is made according to the individual taste and preferences of the person eating it.